Are Sports Drinks Healthy for My Children’s Teeth?

The season for youth sports is here! Children often drink a sports drink at their practices and games. In fact, 62% of youth consume sports drinks every day. These drinks are advertised as healthy and essential during physical activity.

However, the truth is that sports drinks are destructive to children’s teeth and are not actually healthy.

Sugar Feeds Harmful Bacteria In Mouth

The second ingredient in most sports drinks is high fructose corn syrup or sugar. There are 19 grams or more of added sugar per serving size. That is comparable to many sodas. The excess sugar feeds harmful bacteria in the mouth.

High In Salt

A large bottle of sports drink can have anywhere from 150 to 200 milligrams of sodium in a serving size. A large bottle is more than two serving sizes. Bags of popular potato chips have less sodium per serving size.

Acid Can Eat Away Tooth Enamel

Sports drinks have high acidity. Drinking them affects the mouth’s healthy pH balance. Constant acidity eats away tooth enamel.

High in Calories

A serving size of sports drink contains up to 15% of the daily calorie intake for a healthy teenager. Many children drink sports drinks outside of physical exercise, therefore, they are not burning the calories they consume.

A small serving of sports drink may be useful during sports with intense physical activity – which is not the case with most youth sports. Drinking sports drinks gives your child’s mouth an unhealthy workout during the sport’s season.

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