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Summer is full of sugary snacks like ice cream and popsicles. Now, back to school means it is time to take care of your children’s teeth for the rest of the year. Buy a New Toothbrush While stocking up on back to school supplies, pick up a new toothbrush for your children. Toothbrushes need replacing… Read More »

The best way to a healthy adult smile is from the start of the very first tooth. Baby teeth are eventually fully replaced by permanent adult teeth, but they are no less important. Neglecting baby teeth can cause permanent damage. Placement of Permanent Teeth One of the most important roles baby teeth play is guiding… Read More »

I Know Flossing is Important, but Why? Daily brushing and flossing are important for healthy teeth. However, flossing seems the most dreaded part of oral care. The American Dental Association discovered only 50% of adults floss every day and 18% of adults do not floss at all.

The secret is out – the food you eat has an impact on your teeth and some foods are healthier for your mouth than others. Junk food and snacks like bread, chips, soft drinks, and sweets provide carbohydrates and sugar to bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria causes tooth decay and cavities. When snacking, keep… Read More »

When you do not feel well, it affects more than just your physical health.  The same can be said for children and their oral health as it can affect their school work.  According to a study in North Carolina, children with poor oral health are three times more likely to perform poorly or to miss… Read More »

Sometimes there is nothing harder than coaxing your kids to brush their teeth. Some kids just do not like it. The tears, fighting, and begging gets old fast. Parents are looking for ways to make teaching such an important skill easier. Here are some tips to take the fight out of brushing your kids’ teeth. 

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay? Baby bottle tooth decay is from regularly drinking sugary liquids, including formula, milk, fruit juices, and other sweet drinks, from a bottle. It is normally seen in the front teeth, but all baby teeth are affected. Awareness and prevention are the best ways to avoid baby tooth decay.

Infants are hard-wired with a sucking reflex. It is perfectly natural for babies to suck their thumb or pacifier. Nearly all children suck their thumbs at some point. However, thumb sucking after six months of age can cause future problems. Issues from Thumb-Sucking The force of thumb sucking causes the shape of the mouth and… Read More »

The season for youth sports is here! Children often drink a sports drink at their practices and games. In fact, 62% of youth consume sports drinks every day. These drinks are advertised as healthy and essential during physical activity. However, the truth is that sports drinks are destructive to children’s teeth and are not actually… Read More »

Do you hear the sound of jaws clenching or teeth gnashing when your child is asleep? These are signs that your little one may be grinding his or her teeth.   Teeth grinding, also known medically as bruxism, can be common in children. According to the University of Michigan Health System, teeth grinding in children may… Read More »

Once again, Valentine’s Day is here with us. If you’re planning on giving your loved one a gift for Valentine’s Day, there is a chance you are going to include candy. It’s important you stay informed when choosing these candies to make sure you get treats that are less likely to linger on their teeth… Read More »

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the exact age at which children can brush their teeth and do a good job. Letting kids brush their teeth before they are ready is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can commit in regards to their young one’s oral hygiene. Even though you think your child… Read More »

It surprises most people to learn that baby teeth can get cavities. Even worse, most people are unaware of the fact that dental issues at this young age can affect a child’s dental health for the rest of their life, as well as their speech development and ability to transition to solid foods.

The American Academic of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that children should have their first dentist visit by their first birthday. For some parents, this is a surprising notion, especially when canine teeth, molars, and second molars may not appear until later in life. Research has revealed that preschool-age children are getting more cavities. This may be… Read More »

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures requested from dentists these days is teeth whitening. This is mostly due to its wider availability, lower cost and the increasing number of techniques available to dental care professionals, and even though teeth are meant to have some degree of color, more and more people are choosing this… Read More »

The enamel of your teeth is the physical part that can be observed with your naked eye – it consists of minerals and hydroxyapatite, a bone-like material. Unfortunately, when neglected, the enamel of the teeth start to erode. Over time, the dentin will be exposed, and with continued neglect, the raw pulp will show. Eventually,… Read More »

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