Starbucks is Tempting to Kids but Cavities are Not

Starbucks drinks satisfy many cravings.  Everyone has a favorite Starbucks drink, even children.  Many of us feel comfortable ordering our children these drinks as we enjoy one of our own.  Before handing your child a Starbucks drink, think about the high sugar content and impact on your children’s teeth.

The American Heart Association recommends children have less than 26 grams of sugar a day.  Starbucks drinks are full of sugar; most have over 40 grams in a single tall cup.  Sugar feeds harmful bacteria in the mouth and creates acid that erodes tooth enamel.  Bacteria and plaque cause cavities.

The next time you find yourself looking at the Starbucks menu, watch out for the biggest sugary offenders.


Frappuccinos are milkshake lookalikes for children.  However, each has over 50 grams of sugar each.

White Chocolate Mocha

Both hot and cold white chocolate mochas are sweetened with vanilla and sugar and contain 54 grams of sugar.

Cinnamon Dulce Crème

Cinnamon dulce crèmes have 28 grams of sugar in a tall drink alone.

Cake Pops

A cake pop has 23 grams of sugar.  If your child enjoys a cake pop with a drink, they have had double the recommended amount of daily sugar.

Lessen the impact of sugary Starbucks drinks on your children’s teeth by making it a rare treat.  It is also important to prevent cavities with routine cleanings at Carolina Smiles Dentistry.  Your dentist will give you recommendations for healthier children’s drinks.

Cut back on the Starbucks trips and be sure your child sees the staff at Carolina Smiles Dentistry twice a year. Call us at 919-620-6700 to schedule an appointment today.

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