Healthy Halloween Tips for Your Child’s Teeth

Halloween is the scariest time of year, but sugar eating your children’s teeth is scarier than any ghost or goblin.  However, there are some easy tips to keep your children’s teeth healthy this Halloween.

Before Trick or Treating

The best way to healthy teeth starts before trick or treating.  Start the day right with a healthy breakfast smoothie.  Add kale for nutrients and the fun green color.  Children will love pretending it is Halloween slime or witch’s brew.

A balanced meal before trick or treating will help keep your teeth healthy.  Load up with complex carbs and lean proteins to maintain steady energy all night instead of reaching for the candy to keep up.  Also, pack some healthy snacks instead of munching on candy all night.

After Collecting Candy

Not eating candy is best, but if your child wants to trick or treat, you can encourage them to trade their candy bag for a toy at the end of the night.  The toy will last longer than the candy and will not damage their teeth.

If your child does eat candy, have it after a meal.  Saliva production increases after eating to clean the teeth and washes the sugar away.  Most importantly, make sure your child is brushing and flossing thoroughly after eating candy.

The best way to protect your children’s teeth during Halloween is to protect them all year long with daily oral hygiene care and routine cleanings at Carolina Smiles Dentistry.

Keep your child’s smile healthy even with Halloween right around the corner. Call Carolina Smiles Dentistry at 919-620-6700 to schedule an appointment for your child.

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