Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Tooth Brushing

Sometimes there is nothing harder than coaxing your kids to brush their teethSome kids just do not like itThe tears, fighting, and begging gets old fastParents are looking for ways to make teaching such an important skill easierHere are some tips to take the fight out of brushing your kids’ teeth. 

Make it Special 

Let your child pick out a special toothbrushMaybe a superhero or a princess can convince them it is something worth doingYou can even have them decorate their toothbrush with stickersKeep in mind that an uncomfortable toothbrush could also be the reason your child doesn’t want to brushChoose a toothbrush that is small enough or sized appropriately for their mouthThere are also soft bristle choices when it comes to choosing the correct brushIn addition, there are also many flavors of toothpaste for them to choose from. 

Make it Fun 

Make brushing funBring a teddy bear or doll and brush their teeth tooLet your kid take a turn brushing your teeth, tooDo a dance and cheer or play a song or musicThe Brush DJ app has music specifically timed for the recommended two-minute brushing time. 

The more your kids have fun brushing, the more they will do itIt is also important to teach them and make it a part of their twice-daily routine nowRegular cleanings with Carolina Smiles Dentistry are just as important as good daily oral hygieneYour dentist will show you and your child the best way to brush. 

Carolina Smiles Dentistry is here to help your child learn good dental health habits and answer any questions parents might have about their childs teeth or teeth brushing routine. Wed love to see you and your child in our office for an appointment. Give us a call at 919-620-6700 to schedule a visit today! 

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