Tips for a Great Pediatric Dental Visit

Visiting the dentist can cause stress for children. A child that is fearful of the dentist may avoid dental cleanings and not practice proper dental care as an adult. The best way to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful throughout their life is to encourage a good relationship with the dentist as a child. Help your child feel comfortable at the dentist with these tips:

Play Pretend

Play a game with your child to teach them what to expect at the dentist. Take turns playing the dentist and the patient. Encourage them to have fun and familiarize them with the process of dental cleaning.

Get Excited

If you are fearful of the dentist, your child will notice. Put aside any negativity you feel and get excited. Allow younger children to observe you or older children remain calm during appointments. Children will feel more comfortable when they see it is no big deal.

Timing is Everything

Schedule your child’s dental appointment at the best time for them, which may be different for each child. Avoid nap time or when your child is tired from school or sports. Take into consideration if your child is hungry before their appointment. If possible, let your child be involved in choosing their appointment time.

At Carolina Smiles Dentistry, we believe children can enjoy the dentist and taking care of their teeth. Our dentists build positive relationships with young patients to support a healthy smile throughout their life.

Dentist visits can be scary for kids. Call Carolina Smiles Dentistry at 919-620-6700 to schedule an appointment for your child at a welcoming, child-centered office.

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