Can my baby develop tooth decay from his/her bottle?

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is from regularly drinking sugary liquids, including formula, milk, fruit juices, and other sweet drinks, from a bottle. It is normally seen in the front teeth, but all baby teeth are affected. Awareness and prevention are the best ways to avoid baby tooth decay.


Early symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay are white spots on the tooth’s surface. As decay continues, symptoms get worse. Brown spots on the teeth develop. Gums may swell and bleed. Bad breath occurs. If an infection arises, your baby may develop irritability and fever.

Importance of Treatment

Untreated, decay can lead to tooth loss. Although baby teeth are not permanent, treating decay is important. Baby teeth act as placeholders for the developing adult teeth. If that placeholder disappears too early, adult teeth will not have room to grow in properly. Often, orthodontic treatment is a sought to misaligned permanent teeth. It is better to protect the baby teeth until adult teeth are ready to come in.

See your Dentist

If you see any symptoms of decay on your child’s teeth, see the dentists at Carolina Smiles Dentistry as soon as possible. Along with routine cleanings, your dentist may recommend fluoride treatment or fluoride varnish to rebuild the enamel. Advanced decay may require restoration treatments. If you have concerns about decay and your baby’s teeth, schedule an appointment today.

Our office specializes in children and teen oral health care. Children will find the underwater theme in our office particularly intriguing and inviting. Our goal is to make sure the dentist office is a positive experience for young children while instilling in them good oral hygiene habits they can take with them throughout adulthood. We encourage you to schedule an appointment for your child with us today at (919) 620-6700.

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