Are You Suffering From A Cracked Tooth Without Knowing It?

Cracking a tooth is easier than you think.  Accidents like a hit to the mouth or chewing on hard foods like nuts or ice can cause a sudden crack.  Long-term friction such as tooth grinding, uneven chewing, and even large fillings may make teeth more vulnerable to cracking.

How do you know if you have a cracked tooth?

You may not immediately know that you have damaged a tooth.  The best indicator is pain.  Pain that comes and goes, especially when chewing, is an indicator that you may have a crack.   

Biting and chewing can cause the crack to open and expose the tooth pulp underneath.  The pulp is the soft tissue, nerves, and blood vessels in the center of the tooth.  Exposed and irritated pulp may become sensitive or diseased.  Most cracks eventually become painful, but may not start that way.

Visit the Dentist

Regular cleanings at Carolina Smiles Dentistry are the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and catch early warning signs of a crack in a tooth.  Your dentist will visually inspect your teeth and take x-rays to check for cracks.  As some cracks are hard to see, it is important to share with your dentist if you are having any pain.  Pinpoint areas of concern, different types of food that cause pain, such as sweet, sticky or sour foods, and temperature sensitivity.  After identifying the size and location of a crack, your dentist will determine which treatment is best.

From the moment you walk into our office, our warm and friendly staff welcomes you.  It is their priority to provide top-quality dentistry services. We specialize in preventative care, as well as cosmetic and restorative services. No matter what your needs or concerns are, our expert dental care providers will make you feel at ease, offering the very best options suited for your individual oral health. 

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