Five Easy (and Delicious) Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy Over the Holidays

When you overindulge during the holidays, your teeth suffer.  Sugary treats, alcoholic drinks, and holiday festivities take a toll on your oral health.  Follow these easy tips to keep your smile bright.


Stick to Routine

Holiday festivities disrupt your daily routine.  During the time, the last thing you think about is brushing and flossing.  However, your teeth always need attention.  Do not forget to pack the floss and toothbrush and stick with your routine.


Drink Responsibly

Alcoholic drinks are a part of many holiday celebrations.  Many are sugary and acidic, so it is important to drink responsibly.  If you have a holiday drink, consider adding ice to water it down or drinking through a straw.  


Keep Snacking to a Minimum

There are plenty of holiday treats to snack on.  Constantly overwhelming your mouth with sugar does not allow your teeth time to recover.  The more sugar you eat throughout the day, the more your teeth decay.


Sugar-Free Sweet Fix

Chewing sugar-free gum between meals satisfies your sweet craving without reaching for a sugary snack.  It also stimulates saliva.  Saliva reduces acidity in your mouth and clears food debris.


Choose Cheese

Cheese is one holiday indulgence that benefits your teeth.  It is high in calcium and reduces acidic levels in your mouth that decay teeth.  


Celebrate your holidays with the dentists at Carolina Smiles Dentistry with a regular cleaning.  They will maintain your smile and give you the gift of clean oral health. Call us today at 919-620-6700 to schedule an appointment for a cleaning. 


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