What are Pacifier Teeth and Will My Baby Develop Them? 

Whether or not to allow your baby to use a pacifier is one of the many tough decisions you face as a parent/caregiver. Sucking is a normal instinct for infants and pacifiers help soothe and may keep your baby more relaxed, especially during the first six months of life.  

It is a good idea; however, to discourage pacifier use by the age of two as prolonged use after that time can have some adverse effects on the structures of the oral cavity. With proper use, your baby can find comfort with a pacifier without developing pacifier teeth. 

What are Pacifier Teeth? 

Pacifier teeth are a result of long-term pacifier use leading to a variety of complications including tilting in of the bottom teeth and protruding of front teeth. Crooked teeth, changes to the roof of the mouth and problems with bite and jaw alignment can also occur.  

Recent studies, according to American Family Physician, confirm that an alignment problem with the teeth or the developing bone is usually corrected within six months if pacifier use is stopped by the age of two. 

Avoiding Pacifier Teeth 

Most kids will stop using pacifiers on their own while others require the help of physicians and parents. Praise or reward your toddler when he or she goes a day without a pacifier.  

If simple intervention strategies do not break the habit, a more effective strategy can be discussed with the pediatric dentists at Carolina Smiles Dentistry. Contact our team to learn more about taking care of your child’s teeth to help foster lifelong dental health. 

Our office specializes in children and teen oral health care. Children will find the underwater theme in our office particularly intriguing and inviting. Our goal is to make sure the dentist office is a positive experience for young children, while instilling in them good oral hygiene habits they can take with them throughout adulthood. We encourage you to schedule an appointment for your child with us today at (919) 620-6700. 

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