Protecting Teeth from Halloween Cavities

A happy Halloween for kids means dressing up to fill a bag full of sugary treats;  though Halloween candy can be more of a trick than a treat for parents worrying about their children’s teeth.  The best way to get through Halloween without cavities is to have a plan.

As much as the kids want to dive right into their pile of candy, teeth conscious parents should limit snacking.  Snacking on sugar increases the chance of developing cavities.  Alternatively, allow children to eat their candy with or right after a meal.  The production of saliva increases during a meal.  Saliva helps rinse food particles from the teeth and cancels out acids and bacteria in the mouth.  Eating candy when saliva production is high helps keep the sugar from staying on the teeth.

Take into consideration the type of candy in your children’s Halloween bag.  Hard candy, like suckers, stays in the mouth for a long period.  This prolongs the time that sugar is in contact with teeth.  Sticky candy clings to the teeth.  It takes longer for saliva to rinse away sticky candy like caramel and toffee.  Both hard and sticky candy increase tooth decay.

It is hard to escape candy when it comes to Halloween.  The best thing parents can do is maintain a healthy diet for their children year around.  With a consistent, healthy diet, children learn good habits and healthy teeth can handle Halloween sugar better. 

Make it a habit to follow Halloween with teeth cleaning at Carolina Smiles Dentistry.  Your dentist will address any concerns parents have about Halloween candy and your child’s healthy teeth. Call us today at 919-620-6700 and make an appointment for the whole family!

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