Teeth Flossing For Children

A professional cleaning at Carolina Smiles Dentistry every six months is the best way to maintain your child’s healthy smile. Daily flossing is important to support oral health between appointments.


The Importance of Flossing

Brushing alone only cleans about 1/3 of the total surface of the tooth. That leaves a great deal of space for plaque and bacteria to create cavities. Flossing cleans leftover food and plaque from between teeth and hard to reach areas. Thoroughly cleaning the mouth helps protect your child from cavities and gum disease. It also controls bad breath and polishes tooth surfaces.


Flossing with the Dentist

Gums may bleed during flossing, especially if your child has not flossed in a while. Bleeding while flossing is also a sign of early oral or gum disease. Although some blood is normal, it is important to consult the dentist at Carolina Smiles Dentistry for any bleeding. Your dentist will teach your child how to floss correctly to prevent damaging gums.


Flossing with Children

Teaching a child to floss should begin as soon as toddlers have two touching teeth. Begin with consulting the dentists at Carolina Smiles Dentistry to learn proper technique. Getting children excited about brushing is essential for lifelong oral health. Let your child pick out floss holders and toothbrushes following your dentist’s recommendations. Flossing together as a family will set a good example and make sure everyone has healthy teeth and gums.

Our office specializes in children and teen oral health care. Children will find the underwater theme in our office particularly intriguing and inviting. Our goal is to make sure the dentist office is a positive experience for young children while instilling in them good oral hygiene habits they can take them throughout adulthood. We encourage you to schedule an appointment for your child with us today at (919) 620-6700.

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