What is a Cavity?

A cavity happens when a tooth begins to break down and decay.  Cavities eat through the protective outer layer of the tooth called the enamel.  Once through the enamel, the hole grows bigger and deeper over time.  If the decay goes too deep inside the tooth and reaches nerve endings, it causes pain and sensitivity.  Untreated, a cavity can result in tooth loss and other painful oral issues.

Cavities are caused by plaque eating away at the teeth.  Plaque is the soft substance made of food particles and germs that forms on teeth.  Bacteria in the mouth produce acids that eat the tooth where plaque sticks.

The best way to protect your teeth from cavities is to have regular cleanings at Carolina Smiles Dentistry.  Your dentist will clean and polish your teeth, as well as keep an eye on problem areas with x-rays.  If a cavity develops, your dentist can repair your tooth by removing the infected area.  A special material is then used to fill the hole and protect from future decay.

Protect your teeth from cavities by maintaining daily brushing and flossing habits.  If you experience any pain or have questions about your oral health, book an appointment at Carolina Smiles Dentistry by calling 919-620-6200 or visiting CarolinaSmilesNC.com.

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