What Is The Right Toothbrush For Me?

The average person will spend about 1,000 hours brushing his or her teeth over a lifetime.  There is no time for an uncomfortable toothbrush.  However, there is a variety of types of toothbrushes on the market from which to choose.  From electronic, rubber bristles, raised bristles, different shapes, and revolving tuffs, which one is best?

Choose the Best Brush

The American Dental Association has recommendations of what to look for in the perfect toothbrush.  The head of the brush should easily fit into your mouth.  The best size will brush one to two teeth at a time.  Children need smaller toothbrushes that fit comfortably in their small mouths.  Bristles should be soft and not hard.  If the bristles are too hard, they could pull the gum tissue away from the teeth and expose the tooth’s root.  Exposed roots are painful and cause sensitivity to temperature and certain foods and beverages.

Electronic toothbrushes are not superior to a manual toothbrush.  However, an electronic toothbrush may be easier to use for anyone with limited mobility.  They also make it easier to brush uneven teeth.  Many also run on a timer, offering incentive to brush the correct amount of time.

Consult your Dentist

Any toothbrush you find comfortable will work.  It is more important that you brush correctly.  The dentists at Carolina Smiles Dentistry will demonstrate correct brushing techniques during your regular cleanings.  Your dentist will also answer any questions and promote good daily habits for your oral health.

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