Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Paying special attention to your health when you are pregnant is necessary. How important it is to keep up good oral health is often overlooked. Take charge of your health by visiting the dentists at Carolina Smiles Dentistry.

Importance of Oral Health

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your gums more susceptible to irritation and inflammation. Plaque build-up can then cause exaggerated bleeding, which is the beginning of gum disease. Gum disease is dangerous for pregnant women. Poor oral health in pregnant women correlates with premature birth, low birth weight, and other health conditions. Studies link 18 out of 100 premature births to periodontal disease. Good oral care and regular visits to the dentist eliminates the danger of periodontal disease.

Visit the Dentist

For most pregnant women, routine dental visits are safe. It is important to let your dentist know how far along you are in your pregnancy. It is also essential to keep your dentist up to date on your medications or if your pregnancy is high risk. Share any special information from your physician. Your dentist will recommend whether routine checkups be postponed.

Inform your dentist of any changes in your oral health such as bleeding, swelling, and redness. Your dentist will check your gums and instruct you on the best dental health routine during the changes of pregnancy. The benefits of dental care during pregnancy outweigh many of the risks. Make an appointment with Carolina Smiles Dentistry for the best dental care during pregnancy.

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